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Karen Park
Office Administrator

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Kemi Antonio

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Dana Peregrym-Morgan

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Tyler Evenson has been the lead pastor at Living Faith since April 2022 and he and his wife Donna have two grown children, Analise & Caleb.

Tyler was ordained with the POAC in 2006 and over an 18 year period he & Donna were missionaries in Holland and England. Through the years they have led team outreaches into several nations and also planted Centre Church in Brighton, England. Tyler later became the lead pastor of a second campus in Burgess Hill, England.

Tyler serves on the board of European Missions and he has a great desire to see the advancement of God’s Kingdom through local and foreign missions. Tyler & Donna feel passionately about the gospel message, desiring that all people would know and experience God’s love and purpose in their lives.

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Glen Clarke


Frank Leschinski


Connie Sangster

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Kemi Antonio


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Now & Beyond

 Sunday mornings are filled with amazing worship, an inspiring message, Kids Zone for children ages 4-11 and a family friendly environment.  Throughout the week we have programs for all ages.   Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, we would love to journey with you!  At Living Faith we believe a key way to understanding and experiencing the love, freedom and fulfillment of Jesus better, is by connecting in with a church community.

Becoming Living Faith

Rev. Peter Kerychuck came in the mid 1950's and took over as minster from Rev. Samuel Peregrym.  He continued conducting services in both Ukrainian and English and the congregation steadily grew.  The church was re-named Living Faith Pentecostal Tabernacle and a new building was opened and dedicated on April 7, 1974, which continues to be the place of fellowship to this day.  Services are now held in English only, but the same desire to move in the power of the Holy Spirit and reach our community with God's love remains.

The Beginning

Pentecostal service began in private homes in 1927 and a meeting tent was eventually erected in a field which is now the corner of 47th St & 54th Ave in Lloydminster.  In 1940 Rev Samuel Peregrym and family moved to Lloydminster and began conducting Ukrainian Pentecostal services.  Shortly after Fred Shorland and his wife moved to Lloydminster, and with his help, they began holding dual language services.  A permanent church building was constructed for the growing congregation, and in 1954 the Pentecostal Tabernacle of Lloydminster was opened.  This ended the home & tent services.

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